another issue with Thunar

what on earth is this ? i got another problem with xfce.
it first appear to be problem to me is when i tried to drag a file from thunar to desktop. it disallowed.
later i realized on desktop itself has got the same issue.
what's going on here ?


Well it says the file can't be opened... what did you do, pray tell ???

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i just do a copy of desktop item and paste of the same item.. and that's what it shows..
even after i restarted the laptop, it is still the same.

How did you install Xfce? I notice the default wallpaper, did you install xfce on top of one of the other Manjaro flavours?

no, i installed xfce manjaro.. i didn't so far , not yet installed any other flavor.. i would like to try out, but not yet.

this issue happened before last time , i did made a post, but somehow it solves itself after reboot, but this time, i just rebooted, still the same.

Is Thunar actually present?

Sounds like something is messed up with your installation, or you're done something you didn't know the extent of. Something like this doesn't happen from out of the blue.

yes, i kind of know that. i did installed a lot of audio things from repo and aur.. because i was trying to get skype to work online, as i was hosting a group discussion, share video, share ppt, play mp3 for other ppl who need it.. but because skype in linux does not share my computer audio to the group, hence need to think a way to route it to the microphone of skype.. hence i tried a lot a lot of audio related software.. but i don't think that mess that up..
i can't remember what, nor suspect what causes that.. because thunar is the origina os file manager.. i didn't do anything to thunar..

maybe the app armor app of manjaro.. i did installed that.. trying it out as suggested by youtube .. to increase security of manjaro..

i tried to double click to open and txt file.. that this is what is shows.. exactly like last time..

What about other files and folders, does Thunar work normally with them, also other txt files?

thunar functions normal. just desktop has issue. whenever i delete, paste, double click to open file, however double click to open folder is ok.
whatever is in a folder on desktop, delete, double click open .. all good no whatsoever issue.

I can't shake the feeling you're not telling the whole story, hehe. :grin:

That default Xfce wallpaper, did you deliberately choose it? It is ugly as sin, most people avoid it. It sends shivers down my spine because of classical conditioning from when I was experiementing heavily with no clue what I was doing. When that wallpaper came up, I immediatly knew I'd messed something up, majorly, haha.

i swear, i didn't deliberate change any of the desktop or theme that you saw behind the desktop background.
i have extended monitor, the both background desktop pic are by DEFAULT.. i never touch the setting. to me i careless.. because the system is not even well done yet, no mood to care those superficial stuff..
i am myself surprised that the 2 monitors has different background pic.
i console myself my thinking it is because this manjaro xfce.. that's why they made it one is manjaro logo, and the other is xfce logo.. which is reasonable.

i don't know what else i can tell you to troubleshoot the issue here..
if you list them out, i will try to get it for you so that you may know what's the problem here.

At last we know that you have two monitors.

If you set them to mirror each other, does the problem persist?

i am in a rush for time now to work.

if you tell me how to mirror the monitor , i will do it speedily..
i know how, but all in a note book of mine.. have to browse thru to look it up.. ...takes time.

Very strange problem, I'm curious about it. I hope some more experienced folks will come along, and it will get solved. I'm not on Xfce, but it is very easy to do. As a last resort, google ''Xfce mirror display'', hehe. No rush, the forum is open 24/7.

You should read the ''how to provide good information'' sticky, and post a couple of outputs about your hardware and setup:

Menu/Settings/Display gives you display options and allows you to mirror, or not.

And while you are in Settings, Desktop is where you change your wallpaper and there is a tick box which allows you to apply it to all work spaces and I think that also applies to additional monitors. Just in case you want to change it. :wink:

this is just the side branches.. lately my manjaro is... sluggish.. but not everything sluggish.. certain things.. like..

  1. rightclick desktop > desktop settings.. it takes around 15 secs for the content to be displayed, EVERYTIME!
  2. rightclick desktop > open in new window. it takes around 60 over secs for the content to be displayed!
    and the error msg appear!
  3. during this time, it takes around 25 secs for the "screenshot save " windows to appears. i have already click "save" but the "save screenshot as" windows have not yet appear

thanks.. but the issue mentioned above just no longer appears.. but the sluggish issue surfaced.
the computer is not even stable, no mood to change the desktop pic.. :expressionless:

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