Another really bad Palemoon related story


It looks like Moonchild Productions are the worst team in free software world about being nice with distribution maintainers. After BSD world, now there are fighting Eric Hammelers, one of the main Slackware Linux maintainer...

[...]And frankly, I have enough of the arrogant attitude that all issues with their browser (which is a derivative of Mozilla Firefox code, forked before the moment certain big changes were being made to Firefox) are caused by packagers who compile and distribute their own binaries and never caused by the developers. That just falls short of confessing that their code is not mature yet.

Looks like Palemoon developers are not really free software users friendly, just look at this thread:

Is there anything more to add about them? They're digging their own grave with such behaviour.

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This is a discussion suitable for Reddit forums, IMHO.

Its been discussed multiple times here. The evidence and correspondences are all openly available. How anyone still has an inkling of patience, or trust, or respect for these folks is beyond me..

OR! Maybe its a hipster thing. They are so free software that they are proprietary :sweat_smile:


Why not?? I wouldn't touch reddit even with an Iron gloves and yet I find this topic interesting.

I know the About Rants says ~manjaro related but still it's interesting.

Maybe we could have a debate about dropping Palemoon from manjaro repo, if the maintainers wishes that their software to be not package by anyone else.

Just a thought.

Yeah, like the Pale Moon developer is an evil person, we shouldn't use software produced by people with a bad character.

I am not saying that :smiley: I just wanted to have a debate.

I would use my browser of choice even if it was created and packaged by Adolf Hitler himself.

But some people here have a say what is packaged and what is dropped. Palemoon might be unpopular these days and maybe it could be dropped.

But this is off-topic here. We discuss here in this topic only about the moral of Moonchild.

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I seriously have no idea if you are being satirical or not :blush:

Ok, I digress.

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