Any issues running Manjaro with my AMD hardware?

Hi i was wondering if i would run into any issues if i decided to install Manjaro (XFCE) that has AMD Hardware?

AMD Ryzen 5 1400 (CPU)
AMD RX 580 8GB

that is my AMD hardware i was hoping to be able to game on Manjaro without having to manually install amd gpu/cpu drivers.. figure i ask here

There is only one way to find out.

Boot a live ISO.


Sadly i do not have any DVD's to use, am i able to use a USB drive instead?

Of course. That is what most people do.

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Ahhh alright i will give it a try.

I would not recommend using a dvd to anyone :slight_smile: - it will take quite some time to load.

Download any Manjaro edition using the website links and save it to your system.

The ventoy project is an insanely easy method.

Download the prebuilt binaries from

  • plug the desired USB into your system
  • initialize the USB using ventoy script/binary
  • open your file manager and drag the downloaded iso onto your USB device
  • when the copy is done and this is important use the safe eject method from your file manager
  • when everything is done
  • reboot and use your firmware selection to boot from the stick
  • select the item labeled manjaro-....
  • watch the result

In 99% of the cases it works

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Your hardware is similar to mine and i would argue that this should be a trouble free experience. However if you're into gaming and want XFCE as Desktop than you should take care of the compositor and disable it while gaming. For more infos, take a look here for example. Good luck!

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thanks! glad to hear you got similar hardware to mine. i got another question for you tho did you have to install any amd drivers or does manjaro come with em already?

AMD's open source drivers are baked into the Kernel, so there are no additional steps required. It just works OOTB, just give it a try and you'll see for your own :wink:

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ahh i see that's great, figure i ask you that because when i used ubuntu with my hardware it would just hang on me.

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That may be because the Ubuntu you were using had an older kernel that didn't support your hardware yet.


Yeah that's probably what it was... but anyways thanks everyone for answering my questions!

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I got the same exact experience too a long time ago with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS but on a Ryzen 5 1600 with a Nvidia GPU. It might occur in Manjaro too, but I think it should occur less frequently than in Ubuntu due to the fact Manjaro has newer kernel versions.

Manjaro froze on me only twice in the first couple days since installing it last February (back when the latest kernel version was 5.3), and I did the following to basically eliminate them:

  • Set the kernel parameters idle=nomwait and processor.max_cstate=5 in grub
  • Install zenstates from the AUR and create a systemd service to run zenstates --disable-c6 at startup

It's worth giving those a try should Manjaro freezes on you. Have fun setting up your system!

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