Any news about nvidia prime/updated nvidia drivers?

It's been quite a while since nvidia 450.57 got released, yet we don't use it nor have it. Anybody knows when we get to use the update? Thank you!

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I am guessing it will be available when it's been through testing process, as discussed here

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I don't use NVIDIA, and probably never will since I prefer AMD for Linux and gaming.

nvidia 450.57-1 package was pushed to Arch on 07/09/20; they are currently at 450.57-7. List of changes to package on Arch.

But it hasn't even made it to unstable for Manjaro yet, which is weird since Arch Stable should = Manjaro Unstable iirc.

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I've seen a couple posts saying that there are failures in unstable due to different packages requiring the 450 drivers, specifically with regards to nvidia encoding through it's version of the ffmpeg drivers iirc, as well as CUDA 11 which requires the 450 drivers.

The latest news i've seen directly referencing it was here where @philm mentioned that the pine phone development was taking priority.

I also saw here that there was a couple merge requests created to modify MHWD to generate the nvidia driver configs as well as adding support, but the most recent reply was 2 weeks ago.

I think I read somewhere else that there were some considerations regarding the 5.7 kernel and inclusion of FSync for proton. I don't know enough about that or the nvidia drivers to know how they interact, but if I remember correctly, the discussion was around whether that feature should be backported to 5.4 and whether the nvidia driver required it...

Either way, I've been checking every day and am very excited considering the DLSS support for Death Stranding (which is the only anti-aliasing option that looks like it does anything). Also I hope this doesn't come off as impatient. I have massive respect for the manjaro team, I'm just excited and have been combing the forums every day for any news on the update.

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To be honest, I basically did 2/3 of the work for them and even cleaned up the codebase for free, I don't know what's delaying it at this point, but this is always what contributing to manjaro is like. Nobody takes the time to actually look at any contributions unless you ping a team member 25 times per day :man_shrugging:

I looked over your config generating code and it seems pretty useful and straightforward, although with the potential oddness of having a driver version configured to conflict with itself via wildcard. It would be nice if MHWD allowed for more easier configuration, like adding support for manually creating a "driver set", allowing a user to funnel beta drivers through one handling process. Ideally, I think the drivers would be grouped by hardware and conflict across a hardware identifier rather than the list of all potential software versions, but I also don't know enough about the current implementation or C++ for that matter to do much other than backseat coding lol. Either way, I'm looking forward to that code making it in. I also think I read something about their github being expanded to allow more community development, although I can't remember where I read that...

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