Any Pardus Linux user?

I just saw Pardus release their latest ISO. Back in college, I used the distro as my daily driver and it was a pleasant experience. But then around 2011-12, I read several articles indicating Pardus was officially dead and hence stopped following the distro. Seeing the latest release was a total surprise for me. I'd like to give it a test drive, especially the XFCE edition. I was wondering if anyone here is a regular Pardus user and maybe comment if it's as good as it was back in the days?

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I ran Pardus with KDE a few years ago - it was very polished, worked very nicely, and so was really boring. :laughing:

Glad to see it back. :slight_smile:

Downloads and release map:

Giving this a go now (live DVD has Turkish and English language options).

What may hold the project back from a wider audience is the lack of an English site translation...


As I expected, very nicely polished distro.


If anyone wants a sold Debian-based distro, this one is worth a look.

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Thanks @jonathon. Very polished distro indeed. Brings back some good old memories :slight_smile: I'll give their XFCE edition a test drive this weekend. Cheers.

Actually Their are now 2 current versions The debian version which is a rip off, and the fork or resurrection of the original pardus, yes the original was good but as @jonathon says just damn boring, have not got around to try the fork of the original yet so to soon to really comment on it. but you will note the pussycat and here

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