Anybody have issues with vscodium-bin 1.47.0-1?

I installed the updated vscodium-bin 1.47.0-1 this morning from AUR. After installing it opens...but window is blank except menu bar (which contents do not work when selected). Just wondering if anybody can confirm, before I put a bug in vscodium github. 1.46 worked fine.

PineBook Pro Manjaro 20.06 KDE


No problems here (not on arm though), if you launch from terminal is there any feedback?

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I get pretty much the same but I see nothing for a menu bar; just the title bar.

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Did you try headmelted's builds ?

You can convert the deb release using debtap

I can confirm that the bug is reproducible

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1.46.1 worked fine for me, 1.47.0-1 broke. As with OP, titlebar and non-functional menu. Blue status bar is also semi-present.

code --verbose gave a bunch of errors/exceptions about sqlite, but no idea if that was 'normal' or new functionality! :open_mouth:

Reverted back to using 1.46.1 as it is still an upgrade from headmelted's 1.45.X

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Bug was verified and filed on GitHub/vscodium

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Thanks for that :wink:

I see someone has just suggested it is a Electron issue... either way... it's affecting VSCodium :laughing:

If it's an electron bug, shouldn't it affect other electron apps too, like Wire?

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The issue here is rather related to VSCodium as it is not using the system-wide Electron version, but come bundled with a custom one. Looks like VSCode is preparing to upgrade to Electron 8 as part of the June iteration plan (, so maybe something changed that hasn't been taken care of in the build / packaging scripts of the VSCodium team.... IMHO

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I don't claim to understand the cause - otherwise I would have suggested a fix! :stuck_out_tongue:

And not necessarily - as mentioned, VSCode (and presumably VSCodium) uses it's own bundled Electron, which has led to some... interesting... issues. And even if it didn't, it could just be something that VSCod(e|ium) uses/needs that not all other do.

Seeing the same here. Just updated everything, + pushed vscodium-bin from AUR to 1.47.2-1 and the window is completely blank except the menu bar, which shows menus, but does nothing.
I've also got some visual issues with the status bar widgets in bottom-right (KDE plasma version btw). When i click on things like the wifi icon, the pop-up panel is half garbled mess of the usual stuff on top of each other and visual glitching when I hover over it. Not sure if releated.


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