Anyone Have The New Manjaro Logo Icon In White?

I'm looking for the current default Whiskermenu Manjaro icon in white. The only ones available in user/share/icons are a green and teal version. I have the old style .svg icon, but it renders really small in the whiskermenu. Been searching forever now, I can't believe I can't find this icon!!

There you go (you should have asked here first :wink::grin: )


(you may not see it because it blends in with the background, but believe me, there is an icon above :slightly_smiling_face: )


I am not at home, but I have a similar one but with shadows to make it seen better :smiley:

You can just get the green one, use GIMP or Krita to change it to white.

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Perfect, thanks @muser

Nice, love to see that one.

In the meantime I made a shaded one too


Although it is the opposite of what you asked for, since we are here I thought I'd share this as well, it goes well with dark themes (whiskermenu graphite)



Both are nice, the graphite looks stunning in the panel with Vertex-Dark. Thanks again.

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If you use the Vertex-Maia icons with the Vertex theme, I can make a circle version to go with the rest of the icons.

To add to the other variations;


Can we get some of THOSE icons in the official icons? Even if it's in some misc directory. That looks amazing.

I’d be up for them being added, I’ve actually just changed to use one now as it goes much better with my dark theme.

They should really be in svg format though if they are to be added.

Would converting them just work or would you need to do it from scratch? I'm not too well versed in image editiing.

They’d have to be done in svg from the start by the creators.

Got it. TIL. I'd be greatful if anyone would be willing to do so and incorperate it into the next ISO.

I forgot that I made a thread a while ago to collect these icon.

@cscs would you mind posting yours there as well, so they are all in one place in case someone is looking for them.

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