Anyone know when Plasma 5.19 will be shipped to Unstable?

I see that 5.19 is in the KDE-Developer release, I was just wondering if anyone knows when it will arrive in Unstable?

Probably after it is finished and released.

The *-git packages are what is currently in development.

ah, I see. I saw a video on Youtube about 5.19, made it sound like it was out but couldn't find any of the packages in the repos. Thanks

For future reference, you can see the release schedule here :


That's brilliant! Thank you... not long to go :slight_smile:

Final tag from Plasma/5.19 branch, only urgent fixes approved by release mangler after tars please

Note the "release mangler." Gotta love geeks when they make it official, LOL! :smiley:

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Thirty three days, & still no sign of land.

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