Anyone Lucky with Manjaro + Overwatch? (SOLVED)

Trying to run overwatch using Lutris + DXVK and Script, it launches but i get black screen, does anyone got lucky using it? tips? already updated to latest dxvk and wine staging, still same results, Nvidia optimus here.

So you've solved it? what was the issue? what was the solution?

Seems to me Manjaro is happier running OW with Nvidia. I keep getting "No compatible graphics hardware" :confused:

it should work :slight_smile: I play with this method


For me the problem was bumblebee...with prime it works flawlessly!


Hmmm, I wouldn't call this solved. I have an MSI laptop with a Core i7-6700HQ (Skylake HD 530 graphics) with an nVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M and am using the optimus-manager/nVIDIA PRIME method, and no matter what I have tried so far, I cannot get Overwatch to work on the nVIDIA GPU without a black screen. I note if I switch to full Intel mode, it works like a charm. I also note other DXVK games seem to work perfectly (Battlefield 1 for example) on the nVIDIA with nVIDIA PRIME.

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