Apparmor gone

Lately I've been a bit confused about some missing arguments in the /etc/default/grub config file. Which I noticed after launching a fresh install of Manjaro KDE on a laptop + Manjaro LXDE (Using the Manjaro Architect installer) on another one. It seems like the Apparmor package is missing and that the following 2 arguments : apparmor=1 security=apparmor are not located in the default grub config file, like it was on my own KDE install. Maybe you can help me find out why that is happening or if it would be important to add it back, although after adding it back the Apparmor profile didn't get loaded even after downloading the Apparmor package which is also installed on my system. I will have to thank you for any help in advance :wink:

edit : I could get the Apparmor profiles to load, I forgot to enable and start Apparmor using systemctl. Even though I am still wondering why it was not preinstalled and configured like on my main system.

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