Application Menu become Drop Down

I don't remember what I did (maybe something related with Latte Dock) It became that the image below.. I would like to expand them.. (it's KDE) IMG_20200617_113328

It's not clear to me what you want to accomplish. Do you want to have a macOS-style application menu at the top of the screen, or do you want the application menu inside the application window in the style of Microsoft Windows?

Microsoft Windows style.. I think this happened when I tried the Mac-Os style something.

Well, I would try by removing that menu button from the window decoration. Open up the System Settings and navigate to...

Appearance → Application Style → Window Decorations

Click on the Titlebar Buttons tab. Put the mouse cursor on the menu button and drag it into the space below the preview of the title bar. Then click Apply.

That should do it, I think. :crossed_fingers:

Note: You may need to log out and back in to get the Windows-like application menu back.

This is the problem.. I did it many times and reboot etc.. In this case there is no menu.. Not get back..

Well, you mentioned Latte dock. I don't have any experience with that, but perhaps if that is what caused it, see if you can disable it in the Latte settings, or perhaps remove Latte dock completely?

The issue is most likely to be found in one of the configuration files in your home directory ─ i.e. under ~/.config, ~/.local or ~/.cache ─ but the big difficulty is to determine what file. :thinking:

I did it too.. anyway thank you..

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There is not an other option to change somewhere about menu to change?
when I tried global menu long time ago there was an option to set and to have the global menu applet or the menu in the window decoration.. maybe it change since..
But I don't remember where was that option.
PS: I'm not on my computer right now to check where is this setting..

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Just a wild guess... Have you tried right-clicking that menu button? It might bring up a popup menu that allows you to restore the full menu. :thinking:

Another thing you could try is pressing Ctrl+M. I remember that this shortcut would show or hide the menu in several Qt-based applications. I suspect that it might still work. :thinking:

Ok.. It seems since plasma 5.12 the setting I was talking about disappeared.. it should be now automatic if you add/remove the global menu applet or the menu in the window decoration. :thinking:

I did too :slight_smile: I installed Manjaro KDE in Virtualbox, I see that the original is not like this. I don't remember but I did something when I installed MacOS style+Latte.. it must be something to back to original look.

Yes I think I have to remove Global menu Applet but I don't know how can I..

Yes, in KDE versions 1.x, 2.x and 3.x, it was a simple checkbox in the System Settings ─ which was called KDE Control Center at the time ─ but things are different now.

In KDE 4, there was no real global menu anymore except through third-party plugins, and in KDE Plasma 5, it's supposed to be "automatic" when you add the global menu widget to a panel, or if you choose to add a panel with the global menu already in it.

Just unlock the widgets ─ I think it's called "Customize layout" now ─ and then edit the panel that you added the global menu widget to. Hover the mouse over the widget and click "remove". :wink:

Yes it should be automatic since 5.12 before there was a menu style option in the "widget style -> fine tuning"

Note it just need to be sure to don't have the global menu anywhere in a panel or the menu in the window decoration.

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Yes, I remember that now. :slight_smile:

For normal plasma applet.. for latte there is certainly a setting option of all latte. I didn't use it for a long time.. so I don't remember

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Right click the applet, and at its settings disable the Compact presentation

trying a lot of thing.. but no solution

Did you try the Ctrl+M shortcut? Bear in mind that you have to do this in every window where the menu is not shown.

I have this in Krita, Virtualbox, I don't have Gimp, Inkscape.. what is this mean?

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