Application Menus missing in Konsole, Kate, LibreOffice on Oct. 2018 update

I'm really unhappy to support that Application Menus (i.e. File... Edit... View...) are missing again, in Kate, Konsole and LibreOffice. We had diagnosed the problem about 6 weeks, and I had reset the user KDE profile, then. The problem is back again!

Instead of suspending last night, I had shut down the computer. From Pamac, here's a log of some of the updates that happened two day ago (selecting searches on qt).

[2018-10-11 11:17] [ALPM] upgraded qt5-virtualkeyboard (5.11.1-1 -> 5.11.2-1)
[2018-10-11 11:17] [ALPM] upgraded qt5-imageformats (5.11.1-1 -> 5.11.2-1)
[2018-10-11 11:17] [ALPM] upgraded plasma-workspace (5.13.5-1.1 -> 5.13.5-2.1)
[2018-10-11 11:17] [ALPM] upgraded qt5-quickcontrols2 (5.11.1-1 -> 5.11.2-1)
[2018-10-11 11:17] [ALPM] upgraded qt5-quickcontrols (5.11.1-1 -> 5.11.2-1)
[2018-10-11 11:17] [ALPM] upgraded qt5-graphicaleffects (5.11.1-1 -> 5.11.2-1)
[2018-10-11 11:17] [ALPM] upgraded qt5-tools (5.11.1-1 -> 5.11.2-2)
[2018-10-11 11:17] [ALPM] upgraded qt5-webkit (5.212.0alpha2-19 -> 5.212.0alpha2-20)
[2018-10-11 11:17] [ALPM] upgraded qt5-webchannel (5.11.1-1 -> 5.11.2-1)
[2018-10-11 11:17] [ALPM] upgraded qt5-sensors (5.11.1-1 -> 5.11.2-1)
[2018-10-11 11:17] [ALPM] upgraded qt5-location (5.11.1-3 -> 5.11.2-1)

Here's what on Manjaro KDE now.

$ lsb_release -rd
Description: Manjaro Linux
Release: 18.0.0-rc

$ plasmashell --version
plasmashell 5.13.5

$ kf5-config --version
Qt: 5.11.2
KDE Frameworks: 5.50.0
kf5-config: 1.0

This can be compared to August 28:

While this Thinkpad X230T is a multi-boot computer, I haven't rebooted into Kubuntu over the past week.

I assume that I can reset the KDE user profile again ... but, is this the signal of a bigger problem?

Hi David.

If this was an issue specific to KDE I would think that there would be a lot more reports of this. That makes me think this has something to do with what you've done to your system.

Perhaps a program from the AUR that is not widely used is creating a problem. Or, if you are still unfamilar with Manjaro perhaps you've created this by changing something you shouldn't have.

This sounds like an oddball problem that searching the internet should turn up some info on. Good luck.

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I have this issue as well. Subscribing to the thread

plasmashell --version
plasmashell 5.13.5

Qt: 5.11.2
KDE Frameworks: 5.50.0
kf5-config: 1.0

It also happened to me with Kate. One day, the menu just disappeared.

Fortunately, I knew the key combination for showing them in KDE shall be Ctrl+M (Ctrl+Shft+M in Konsole's case), so no big deal. You can also add a button for this in the regular tool bar.

In Konsole, I specifically hide it, so I don't know if this also happens there. I don't really use LO much, but in there, the menu bar also shows for me.

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Well, it now seems that I'm not the only to be experiencing this issue.

@imWillX Thanks for the reassurance that I'm not alone.

@Signalrunner Thanks for your contribution. I've tried Ctrl+M in Kate, and Ctrl-Shift-M in Konsole, and the menus don't come back for me. In addition, if LibreOffice is showing up for you, this could be a option to hide, rather than somehow causing the disappearance.

Weird. Do you at least have shown in Kate the regular Toolbar with the icons for Opening, Save, Close, Undo, Redo...?

Can you then right click in top of that toolbar, choose "Configure toolbars".
And in that new window, in the left half, navigate down till you see "Show menu bar" or "Show application menu" or something like that (I'm not sure, I don't have it in English).

Then click on it, and then click on the right arrow on the center, so that it goes into the right half. Then accept.

Now you should have a new button at the very right that shall let you show/unshow the app menu.

Also, this is another different method: Could you in a terminal windows put this:

nano ~/.config/katerc

and check inside that Show Menu Bar indeed is marked as true:

Show Menu Bar=true

then Ctrl+O and Enter for saving and Ctrl+X for exiting.


The core problem is application menu bar completely missing, including icons. For Kate, ...


... and for Konsole ...

So, the issue really isn't that the Application Menu bar is missing. It's absent.

Wow, that's really unfortunate.

At this point it is clear something in your configuration files it's really messed up.

Maybe it's time for creating a new user, or at least, delete all plasma user conf files an start again with default ones. Maybe even delete also katerc & kwinrc, for good measure.

Starting Krita, the application menu was missing as in Kate, Konsole and LibreOffice. Since Kubuntu 18.10 became available, I updated that on my multi-boot Thinkpad. While I wasn't having application menu issues with Kubuntu 18.04, the upgrade to 18.10 brings Plasma 5.13 and Qt 5.11, so the same problem that I've been having on Manjaro KDE shows up on Kubuntu 18.10.

As before,

  • .config --> 20181020.config
  • .cache -->; 20181020.cache
  • .local --> 20181020.local

The application menus are now back. Moving these KDE user profile folders takes only a few minutes, and then restoring selected folders back can be done at leisure.

I can trace this problem directly the update to KDE, now twice. If it happens again, I'll report again.

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