Applications Menu on Xfce desktop (SOLVED)

I've recently installed the Xfce version of Manjaro on my netbook, but I previously used an Openbox distro, and I've got used to being able to pop up an Applications menu on the desktop.

Having searched, it seems like the user in this thread had managed to get what I want without knowing how - but I couldn't find any way of either changing what is produced by xfdesktop --menu, or a command that would just give you the Applications menu, that I could keybind.

Is there a way of getting the system to do what I want? Thank you very much for any help you can give me.

Not sure if there is a keybind to call that application menu, but if you press shift+F10 (right click) on the desktop, you should see the menu you're looking for?

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Thank you very much for trying to help. For me, right-clicking on the desktop gives me a menu with options to add a shortcut, and change the wallpaper etc, with Applications hanging off it as a child menu. You can key bind popping that up as xfdesktop --menu.

But what I really want is just that child menu, the one that appears in your screenshot.

I think you can get that menu by configuration xfdesktop. I have done it in the past with bspwm, can't remember how though.

Xfce4-panel also provides similar but more complete menu that can be spawned by clicking the desktop. Can't remember how,but it was easy. The difficult part was getting bspwm let you click the desktop...

Anyway, I think this command spawns the menu

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I think bspwm edition had xfdesktop configured for this. You might want to check it's dotfiles. You can get them from bspwm desktop settings package or here

Just right click on the desktop if it is not there its in desktop settings just enable

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There is an easy way to get the desktop menu you want, but the trade-off is that you'll lose desktop icons:

Go to Settings > Desktop, then choose the Icons tab. For Icon type choose "None" (or minimized application icons, if desired). The file/launcher icons will disappear from the desktop, and your desktop right-click menu should just show the application menu.


Btw, bspwm has openbox style (static) desktop menus implemented with mygtkmenui. You might be interested in checking it out.

If you run compiz there is compiz-boxmenu.......

Thank you all for trying to help.

xircon's screenshot shows what I was getting by default on a new installation of 16.10 Xfce Manjaro - the Applications menu as a child of the standard right-click menu. The desktop settings enabled me to turn it off, but not to have it as the sole menu.

cimarronline's solution works for me - I just get the Applications menu. :slight_smile: (I hate desktop icons and remove them as soon as I can anyway, so that's not a loss for me.)

bspwn sounds interesting, and I'll take a look at it, but in the meantime, this does what I was looking for. - I'll mark the thread solved.


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