Applications missing from systray and won't run after 07102020 testing updates

Just installed today's testing updates, rebooted and have the below issue now. I'm assuming it's probably a Kde 5.19.3 update issue, so how do I rollback to 5.19.2 till it's corrected? Or is there another known fix for the issue? Thanks

I'm now missing my qBittorrent systray icon along with another systray icon and I cannot get qBittorrent to launch at all. Terminal output when I try to launch QBT from the terminal.

[agentx@Secret-Cpmputer ~]$ qbittorrent
Icon theme "Papirus" not found.
Icon theme "Numix" not found.

You have to downgrade all the plasma packages and anything else related to the release. IMO, it isn't worth it.

I would first try switching to unstable temporarily. That will tell you if something is missing in testing.

I haven't downgraded anything. I just asked about it. I also know from threads on here I'm not the only one missing systray icons. I can't speak to the fact if other are having issues even launching the programs that their systray icon is missing. As far as I know unstable is still 5.19.3, right? If so I don't see the issue disappearing by temporarily switching to unstable. The same issue should exist there as well I would think.

That was a typo, I fixed it but you had already started replying.

What sometimes happens is that when packages are promoted to from unstable to testing, something gets missed or something extra is added inadvertently. Checking the behaviour in unstable will tell you if the issue is with 5.19.3 or if the issue is with the testing branch.

Yea I figured it was a typo after I logged out. Not enough coffee this morning yet. Went ahead and switched branches and ran and no updates found, so looks like what is currently in unstable is in testing. Woiuld I be assuming correctly that since nothing changed that the issue is with 5.19.3 like I thought?

sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack 10 && sudo pacman -Syyu


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OK then besides posting here I'll also create a KDE bug report and a thread on their forums.


Fixed the first post.

@dalto this looks to have to do with the flatpsak issue. I just attempted to run Plex Media player and FreeFileSync which are both flatpaks and neither will launch.


The other missing systray icon is for Green With Envy which is also a flatpak.

@dalto OK switching to kernel 5.8 solved the flatpak issue, all is good now. Thanks for the help and input.


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