Apps that "beautify" your desktop experience

Apps that are purely cosmetic (can be useful or not) that you must have on any distro and/or desktop environment. The only thing that I know is:
Plank - A simple dock that's like the MacOS dock. Very beautiful.
How about you?

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  • Make sure all my shortcuts are set
  • Remove just about everything besides a a rather basic panel with wifi and power and such.
    (get rid of widgets, docks, animations, effects)
  • Set my (own) themes
  • Pick a pretty wallpaper

Beautiful desktop :slight_smile:



Very simple, minimalistic, and doesn't have too much clutter. My kind of desktop!

a big analog clock on the top right of the desktop is IMO also a very nice touch to add, especially with the breath themes :slight_smile:

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Is this different workspaces or different styles?

that's my 3 displays :grin:

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Screenshot from 2020-04-24 16-12-37

when playing music I use xava

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Oh, okay! :smile:

Wow, that's cool! :open_mouth:

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  • Install KDE
  • Create 6 desktops:
    • main
    • Comms (Telegram, Mail, Skype, RSS feed reader)
    • Monitoring (Temperature, disk, CPU, MEM, GPU)
    • Entertainment (Videos)
    • Downloads (Bittorrent client, FireFox)
    • Extra (Empty: just if I want to move stuff out of the way)
  • System settings:
    • Wobbly windows
    • Magic lamp for minimizing and restoring
    • Sliding desktops (animation when changing desktops)
    • Zoom= Magnify the entire desktop:
      • zoom in with Ctrl+Alt+Z,
      • Zoom out with Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Z
    • Translucent Windows
    • Blur: Blurs the background behind transparent windows
    • Popups, Log in, Log out: fade in/out
    • Flip switch: Super+Tab shows a stack of all applications on all desktops
    • Font: Noto 8p for everything except Konsole: Envy Code R there...
    • Cursor: Radioactive (Positive)
    • KDE Connect to use my phone as a remote to watch videos
    • Crash-Proof Backup so I don't lose any of my customisations...



That looks pretty cool. If you don't mind, can you post pictures that show off your desktop?

Hello, so I'm new to Manjaro, and I'd like to know how to use different widgets and wallpapers on different virtual desktops, because everytime I change something in one off the desktops it changes on every desktop. Thank You :smiley:

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I think for KDE Plasma and 'different desktops' you actually want 'Workspaces'

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Welcome to Manjaro!

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Thank you!

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I think so!

I'm sorry - meant 'Activities' :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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