Architect doesn't see HDD

I was going to use the Architect installer but none of my partitions are present! I have a partition where I have Windows 10, which I installed to use while solving this issue, one with Windows' EFI (I think), one with called WINDRIVER that Windows created during install, and empty partition for Manjaro. None of these are present during installation, only the USB I'm installing from. Am I doing something wrong?

EDIT: It's actually an SSD but I don't think it matters all that much.

It might be that you have to set the sata controller to AHCI in the firmware/bios settings.

What should I set it to and where is it in the BIOS settings?

If there is such an option.

Look into the settings related to the disk, I would say. I cannot tell exactly where it is in your BIOS. Neither can I tell that it will work. In most cases it resolves the issue of "invisible" disk.

Have you tried to boot in efi mode?
You mast set AHCI in you bios and set through boot. Also disable safe boot.
See if there is a Arch wiki for your hardware

I'm on a Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-54), and I can't see AHCI in BIOS. I have safe boot disabled and the only boot mode is UEFI (which I assume is what you mean, seeing as UEFI is more common nowadays). I can see my drives on Windows.

EDIT: There's doesn't seem to be an Arch Wiki entry for my model.

EDIT 2: Found that there is a way to changed to ACHI from SATA but it's hidden, and you need to press in the Main tab of the Bios from Acer forums, I'll update after trying it out.

Sorry for not responding, forgot about this, but I fixed it the day I sent the last reply.

Upon going into the BIOS with F2, I went to the Main tab and pressed CTRL-s like the Acer forum said. Then I switched the option that appeared to AHCI and it works now.

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