Architect freezes/cursor disappears during install [resolved itself]

I am currently attempting to install Manjaro with Architect (the minimal XFCE installer has given an absolute plethora of problems and this seems comparatively easy to fix/a potentially serious bug, it is worth noting I am aiming to install awesomewm as my primary wm):

When I begin the install (with free or nonfree) the login interface terminal loads fine, but then after a few seconds stops receiving input and the cursor disappears, this happens approximately the same time every time, regardless of input and even carries over to the first non-grey/non-terminal screen to show up (a green screen asking to connect to the internet) even this one screen is only possible because I typed fast enough to get all the user details in and type "setup" (which is non-trivial in the tiny amount of time given). I have already tested free versus nonfree drivers and a different keyboard with no success.

It might also be useful to note that when I tried the XFCE install, adding the xdriver=vesa property had significant effects (the effects varied based on whether it was nonfree or free but that's a whole deal I've already abandoned)

Important System details:
1TB WD Hard disk formerly installed with windows 7, recently wiped of all partitions (including system reserved space)
ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 Motherboard (I have disabled secure boot in the UEFI)
Sapphire Nitro R9 380 (a mid-end AMD based graphics card)

I have seen no forum posts or wiki articles relating to the problem and I have very limited Linux knowledge (although not none per se, thus my confidence in the use of architect), any help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

edit: problem solved, see below

can you with iso USB manjaro with free drivers
open a terminal and return

inxi -Fxxxza

check also in bios
Secureboot , fastboot , CSM , legacy Disabled , EFI ( others not windows )
disk on AHCI , maybe USB mass storage on

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the problem was that I was simply not able to do anything unless I developed the ability to do anything without typing it all in under ~2-4 seconds, however after letting it sit for a night all is well, no idea how or what the problem wasthank you very much for your effort, my apologies for taking your time

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