Architect "target not found: gtk3-classic" installation error

After looking around and having found nothing except a topic about gtk3-classic having been broken after an update, I've decided to post a new thread. Anyways, I'm trying to install the newest version of Manjaro Architect on my computer, but I've encountered some problems when installing it.
After configuring everything I needed in Prepare Installation, I select Install Manjaro Desktop from Install Desktop System. In there I choose yay + base-devel and linux54 as my base packages, Awesome as my DE, the minimal version and no additional packages. After pressing enter the installer starts synchronizing package databases, and I get slapped with a [install basepkgs][255] error, error: target not found: gtk3-classic and ERROR: Failed to install packages to new root afterwards.
I've tried following advice from some other topic and updated the mirror list, but that didn't help. Any help would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems we have to update some profiles as gtk3 classic got dropped

Understandable, can you think of any workarounds to this problem?

I had the same problem using Manjaro Architect trying to install bspwm from the ISO. I don't have solution for it. Except that Manjaro i3 ISO is up to date and just works great!

..maybe if you specify wanting gtk3 .. it might usurp the profiles desire for gtk3-classic?
(IDK havent tried .. I thought this issue was already resolved after previous threads)


I added gtk3 to additional packages and removed gtk3-classic from the listing of packages you get after choosing the edition version and now it installs successfully. Thanks for helping :slight_smile:


Cleaned them up now.

both gtk-classic and gtk-mushrooms (the original name given by the author) are in the aur now, if you prefer. classic is 64-bit only; mushrooms will build both 64-bit and 32-bit and ask you which to install.

There is a separate lib32-gtk3-classic pkg in the AUR.

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