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I see the architect installer has optional support for zfs, but when I click the zfs menu it says it can't load the kernel module.

I tried to modprobe zfs, from the command line first, but it appears the modules are not there. There are almost no docs on this from what I see. Not mentioned in the user guide. Is it actually possible, if not t his should probably be removed no?


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Your install medium needs to have zfs kernel modules installed to use that option. If you are running it from a regular system you can just install them, if you are using a iso you need one with zfs included.

That is a bit strange. If the architect iso doesn't contain zfs support why even offer the option? What iso would you recommend that does contain zfs, that i'm not forced into install gnome or kde?

Manjaro-architect is available on all isos, not just architect iso. The feature is still experimental.

I don't know. If necessary you can spin your own. Iso is not a good install medium for architect anyway. @dalto, you know if any pre-existing isos contain the zfs modules yet?

You are not forced to install anything. Even if you you run manjaro-architect from gnome iso, you can install any desktop or none at all.

My lxqt ISOs have zfs modules.

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Thank you everyone for helping clear things up. @dalto so if I understand correctly, I can use your lxqt iso to install a bspwm desktop with zfs?

Yes. Just launch architect from the desktop and install whatever you want.

I just got around to downloading the latest manjaro-lxqt release. I fired it up in VirtualBox and it does not contain the zfs modules like you said, or it's not as simple as just launching architect from the desktop?

Did you download the one I linked to or the official community release?

What is the name of the ISO you downloaded?

Whoops, that is where I went wrong. I just went to the site and downloaded the lxqt one. I got yours downloading now. Thanks.

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