Are there plans to add AppImage support for Pamac?

If it happens, Pamac will be unbeatable and complete regarding getting applications. I mean, you go to just one place that is Pamac and there you'll have the option to install software from: official repos + AUR + Snap + Flatpak + AppImage. Which distribution is more complete than this? I don't know any.
There is AppImageHub as source for these specific kind of applications. :grinning:


I hope this resquest become a feature inside Pamac.
For now, if you want to use AppImages on Manjaro, I recommend installing AppImageLauncher to install them, update (if necessary), and integrate with the system by adding it to the menu, dash (in case of, Gnome) etc...

Would be nice to have one program indeed. I dont like the AppImageLauncher as much.

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It's literally "No fuss no muss", simply click a Appimage, click yes to launch, click yes to integrating, done. Better than rightclicking, properties, and checking is executable.

AppImageLauncher has pros and cons. It certainly makes the initial launch and integration easier but it interferes with some AppImages ability to update themselves. It can also get in the way when you have an app that needs to deconstruct an AppImage.

Yea I can see the issue with the few Appimages that do actually update themselves since Appimagelauncher is suppose to take care of that and typically doesn't. Didn't know about any programs that need to deconstruct Appimages. Then you have replacing / udating Appimagerlauncher itself, it doesn't always want to reenable making it impossible to use the Appimages you have to you ferret out the issue. Can't speak to the later on Manjaro / Arch, but had to fix the later issue twice on both Neon and Kubuntu. Then you have the unrelated issue of some Appimages not hooking fuse correctly making peeps believe they need to reinstall fuse when in actuality just attempting to launch the Appimage a couple more times gets it to behave and run properly. I have a couple of appimages but I try to avoid them.

Yes, neither do I. It also has some issues with AppImage updates. It would be great if the Bauh's functionality with AppImages worked integrated with Pamac.

It's better focusing on Pamac instead of creating alternative tools for doing the same, it will help avoid fragmentation inside the distro itself by making everything centered in just one place which is Pamac. Also, it would make Pamac more complete compared to all other distros.

That was I said above, it would be cool if AppImage was implemented to Pamac similar to Flatpak and Snap, and for AppImage had a toggle button for disabling or enabling updates and maybe other settings, like AppImage integration, removal. Adapting AppImageHub funcionalities into Pamac and adding more adaptions to with would be wonderful. I always recommend Manjaro just because of Pamac. It's so complete and also for people avoid the "fear" of rolling releases created mainly by fixed release users. Pretty annoying!

Competition is the essence of evolution.

That's not the point here, doing this won't stop "competition". The point is focusing on making things easier and complete for Manjaro system. If you want competition, there are other distros around with different projects. There is still Bauh, you can install it. Manjaro doesn't force you to use only Pamac, but it's good to have something like Pamac that has everything centered and it's the standard rather than different tools for making the same thing bloating the system and making it more confusing. If you want to avoid fragmentation.

Do you think we should remove Pamac flatpak, snap and AUR support and create different tools/programs for each one, so it will help "competition"?! Making a program like Pamac, that has all of this options built-in is against competition? I don't get you.
Breaking thing in pieces is the right way? Keep in mind that Manjaro is now a company, not a distro of only one person. It needs focus and that's what Manjaro team is doing by improving Pamac more and more and other things and kudos for them.

Appimages must be downloaded, made executable, run at least once to integrate it, then without appimagelauncher Pamac would have to create the appropriate shortcuts for launching the program by the enduser. I do not see the Devs adding that complicated mechanism to pamac, nor do I think they should.

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