ARM Gnome edition

Why there is no ArmGnome edition? It is in repo, no one wants it or the performance is not so good?
I know I can install it, just asking.

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We have been playing around with it, but as far as I know, performance is horrible and it's a pain to customize it.


Is it like this?

  1. The easiest is XFCE4 it is build from "independent programs" easy to customize
  2. KDE is known for customization but can have some problems in 5 different settings :slight_smile:
  3. i3 is small, few packages needs just few config files

10. Gnome is lock-in :slight_smile:

It's usually a question if one of the maintainers use the DE and wants to keep it working for us. :stuck_out_tongue:


I installed Gnome through the repos on Manjaro Arm. The performance is really not good. As it the ui stutters all the time. I dont think it is worth it for now.

On the other hand XFCE uses 500-600mb ram at idle while lxde (raspberry pi OS ) uses 100-150mb of ram at idle (fresh boot and login)

With 4gb and 8gb models the bottle neck is not the ram but the gpu for animations.

edit: I would just say that if you are used to the gnome de, install it on Manjaro and try it out

I was just asking I use i3 or Plasma now :slight_smile: Thanks for your experience with Gnome on ARM.

I believe @thanksforthefish uses or used gnome with Manjaro ARM

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