ARM64, Which Java to install for Minecraft Server on Raspberry Pi 4B

Hello, I am new to Linux and I just got a Raspberry Pi with the hopes of installing a local Minecraft server for my LAN.

I really don’t know anything about Linux other than I watched some youtube videos when choosing a distro and I really liked the concept of Arch/Manjaro and the way Pacman works.

After a fresh install & using SSH to configure timezone, kb layout, my user info, hostname, etc; I did the following:

sudo pacman -Syu
sudo pacman -S binutils make gcc pkg-config fakeroot
sudo pacman -S git
git clone
cd package-query
makepkg -si
cd ..

But now trying to actually install minecraft-server is causing me confusion.

On the website I click “view PKBUILD” and it says:

depends=(‘java-runtime-headless>=8’ ...

But then I search “java-runtime-headless” on the AUR website and I am presented with several results, but I think the correct package is jre because it says:

Provides: java-runtime=13, java-runtime-headless=13, java-runtime-headless-jre=13, java-runtime-jre=13

The problem I notice is that if you click “view PKBUILD” it says:


How can I use this on the ARM64 Raspberry Pi? Perhaps I’m doing everything wrong and looking at the wrong packages. Could someone please help me out? Thank you.

You should be able to install the Java runtime directly from the Manjaro ARM repo:
sudo pacman -S jre-openjdk-headless

Oh wow I didn’t know that it was an official
Manjaro package, thanks so much!

Hi by chance, is there a searchable webpage for the Manjaro ARM packages, or do you look up everything through pacman -Ss?

Not for Manjaro ARM as such, but we get most of our packages from Arch Linux ARM, which has a very good package search webpage at

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Thank you Strit for the resource. I will try to install Minecraft using this Java package tonight and report back.

Well after I used your command to install Java, I was able to install minecraft-server from the AUR using:

git clone
cd minecraft-server
makepkg -si
cd ..

Everything seems good so thanks for your help!

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