Artifact card game on dedicated graphics

I am trying to run the new Artifact card game on steam using my Lenovo Legion y530 with a 1050ti. Usually I run games by adding the launch options to include "optirun %command%" but I get "Failed to initialize Vulkan". I followed the steps on the arch wiki for trying out to set up vulkan and installed vulkan-icd-loaders but still no luck.

I can get it to run on my integrated graphics by installing vulkan-intel and removing any launch options but it performs poorly under those circumstances.

Has anyone got this working on a dedicated nvidia card?

In most cases it is advised that you use primusrun instead of optirun because it is newer and better. optirun is primarily there as a fallback if the application doesn't work otherwise.

Unfortunately, Atifact (and anything that uses Vulkan) will not work with bumblebee out of the box. You either need to set up nvidia-xrun, or switch to prime.

Neither solution is pretty, but the tutorials do a good job of laying out step by step what to do. I personally switched to prime since it seemed slightly easier and doesn't require any extra steps when you want to launch a game.

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I personally prefer nvidia-xrun from two reasons:

  • it's less invasive operation to the system so less occasions to screw something up, it doesn't affect current drivers setup and only adds an additional frame for them to work, so it's more safe
  • hybrid graphics computers are mostly laptops and that makes sense, intel gpu uses less power (and heats less) so on daily basis laptop will last on battery longer

However, if you don't have much personalized system and you can afford for re-install and don't care for battery, then prime is the more convenient solution on the long run.

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