Artix got it's first review on DW

For people who are interested in, Artix got it's first review on Distrowatch.


Not the most positive review over all, since he encountered some bugs, even on the live session.

But it's puplicity nontheless.

As @artoo put it, it is not a nanny OS. The user is expected to resolve some problems him or herself.


Actually only 2 small bugs the rest was upstream. Artix has done a great job in a very short time
So why are you being all high and mighty with negativity, It took Manjaro 4 years to be able to install for me with a GUI installer and still takes 30mins to set up grub.

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I'm not being "high and mighty".

I am just saying, that for new users, those issues might be huge.

I agree that Artix has done a lot in a very short time, and I am proud to have helped them on their way.

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No negativity detected here. But if you ask users with different expectiations - a nanny system with everything OOTB vs. a good implementation of KISS concept - then you get some negativity. Guess which group is the majority on Distrowatch? :wink:

Distrowatch well Unity was hated by the majority and now its discontinued its the best thing since sliced bread. That is how distrowatch commentators work
The review was excellent coming from Jesse which was quite a shock as he said it grew on him over the weeks test that says a lot.
You are correct Artix is not a nanny distro and for obvious reasons Its not hard to install
@Strit Sorry but Artoo did all the work on Manjaro Openrc, and was actually restricted by Manjaro I have said that all along Openrc must go its own way as Systemd has a strangle hold on Manjaro and was causing a split in users. Plus artix is based on Arch not Manjaro the other main dev was from Arch openRC so really Manjaro openrc just proved that Artix was the correct decision based on arch without a 3rd party.

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I know this. What's your point? There are many forms of contributing and helping.
As far as I know, they now use the Jenkins build server to build the Artix specific packages, which I helped Artoo get into.

I'm tired of getting into arguments, which are not even on topic.


Funny but when it suits things are not on topic But then the whole thread is not on topic is it. "Artix got its 1st review In Technical Issues And Assistance" Strange but should this not be in another category.


@Strit was of good help.
He provides a mirror for us, and indeed helped with jenkins, even if we long surpassed the initial approach. :slight_smile:

Btw, I am ok with the review.


The review is a good review from Jesse as he favours user friendly above anything else so yes Artix favoured very well its a fledgeling after all said and done

Manjaro's first review on Distrowatch:

I love watching baby Linii being born. It's as if The Universe coughed up another furball. :wink:


The final verdict of Jesse's review was actually quite positive.


Now that their forum and wiki are up and running, and they are independent of Sourceforge, I'm enjoying playing with Artix in a vbox. I hope they can take off, as having non-systemd Linux distros is really a nice option. So far, we have Devuan as a Debian alternative, and Artix as an Arch alternative. If they can stabilize and mature, they might become upstream sources for new systemd-less distros. I was disappointed that the dev's for UbuntuBSD abandoned that project, as it was rather a promising foray. Just my silly opinion ...


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