Assigning directories to separate hard drives

Hi guys,

I've been a manjaro user for a few months now, loving it utterly (despite a few teething troubles with a couple of games - I'm looking at you World of Warships).

My problem is that I'm running out of space in my Home folder (running on a 250Gb SSD right now) so I want to copy my entire Home folder to my 3TB HDD, knowing it will be slower but accepting that.

However, I also have a 500Gb SSD spare and I'm wondering if I can mount that as the Games folder (which is within Home). I'm a little concerned that mounting a drive to a folder within a folder that itself is mounted to an extra drive... is that okay? Am I likely to run into any issues that anyone can think of or any tips before I get started?

I'm looking to follow (at least roughly) this tutorial:

Same question, anything in there that's either wrong or Manjaro specific that I should be aware off?

And finally - the 3Tb HDD already has a lot of files on there, things I don't really want to lose. Is there any reason to format the drive before mounting it elsewhere?

Right now my primary drive (250Gb) is using ext4 and both the 3Tb and 500Gb report as using 'fuseblk' (they were both originally used in a windows system) is that helps?

Huge thanks in advance!

That How-To is all you need really.

You don't need to format an existing drive. Just identify it using lsblk and add an entry for it in your fstab.

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You don't need to move the entire home folder.

Just relocate the heavy folders and symlink them in your home folder


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