Asus PC Wifi problem

Hi, I have tried many Linux systems but they all have the same problem. I see no network device available error when I turn on my computer. But the problem goes away when I reboot my computer a few times.
(PC is Asus Vivobook 15)

Why should anyone waste their time googling your manufacturers wifi specifications (they also sometimes change) . That is up to you to provide if you want help.

This indicates it's a hardware issue. Have you spoken to ASUS or the retailer?

Have you posted on any other Linux channels and so we're duplicating effort answering this question here?

The question also arises, are you dual booting with Windoze?

Windows often interferes with Wifi and BT by disabling the adapter as a power saving measure.

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No i didn't spoken to ASUS and i posted only here

Yes i have dual boot system. Is there any solution?

You need to provide your system specs.

Did you read the link I posted?

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