Asus X455L touchpad Issues on KDE


Today I installed the latest KDE version ( kde-18.0.4-stable-x86_64) on my Asus X455L laptop, after the installation I noticed that the touchpad was kinda jumpy, imprecise and drifty (sorry for the choose of words to describe it). It is very difficult to use the touchpad.
I tried to configure the touchpad using the settings but most of the options were grayed out.

After googling my issue one of the answers said to use synaptic instead of libinput, so I installed synaptic using pacman, this helped with the greyed out options but the issues on my touchpad still persists, even after trying to tweak the values.

At the moment im kinda lost and dont know what else to try, so any help is appreciated.

Regards from Costa Rica


Please read this wiki, it will help you solve your issues.

Also here are a link in this forum that will help you when you need to ask for support.

Most of the answers to common computer issues can be found in the Wiki, It's better to start there to save time on getting a resolution. There is also the Arch Wiki which is in-depth when it comes to resolving Linux issues.

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