Asus Zephyrus G14

Hello everyone, just wondering what the development is like for laptops with hybrid graphics systems like the asus g14. I've tried in the past to install manjaro kde 20.0.3 and it got stuck on TLP startup/shutdown even tried blacklisting nouveau (module.blacklist=nouveau) but still got stuck. I know it's a bad idea to get a laptop with nvidia but you can't really avoid it when it comes to gaming laptops.

I know linux-g14 exists from the aur but i can't seem to get manjaro booted might have to just run a fresh install of arch and build it from the ground up.

I have an asus tuff 505 and it's fully funcional on manjaro with kernel 5.7 on plasma. I make work the dual graphics with amd/nvidia switch for kde, also there is solution if you are using gnome or xfce
Take a look at this post

ASUS doesn't use consistent method in implementing hybrid graphics. Bumblebee was fine in X455LB but cannot be used in GL503VD, it needs to use PRIME and the Nvidia card cannot be totally powered off. If you insist, the system will freeze. You have to figure out how each beast works or wait for someone else to do that. It's not a bad idea to get a laptop with Nvidia, we all know newer hardware takes time to get supported, but it will eventually be supported provided the device ain't so exotic that none of the kernel developers or distro maintainers have access to.

Had very same issue today on my fresh g14
Turning off secure mode and fast boot helped
20.3, plasma desktop

Do you trie to follow my last post? I have amd/nvidia and I was abe to make it work with that post

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