Atom IDE on Arm/PBP?

Hi there

Just wanted to ask if anyone had gotten the Atom IDE to run on Manjaro Arm ? I've tried installing from repo/aur but there doesn't seem to be a package available for Arm.

Thanks in advance

The problem with Atom seems to be that it depends on electron5. Which is old and not in our repo, so you can't build atom-editor-git.

I do wonder if simply replacing all instances of electron5 with electron in the PKGBUILD would make it build. I'll try this out. :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried it myself but looks like someone managed to compile it for aarch64:

Nice. Testing that one, since my other plan failed. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I couldn't get it to build. I get some errors when it's doing the node-modules part. And I had to add electron as a dependency, since it checks for electron version.

So I think at this point it would be easier to build electron5 and use that to build atom directly from Arch.

I was able to build this today on PBP. Thanks!


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