Atril, Chromium, Firefox print PDF inverted (white on black)

Hi folks,

I just wanted to print a PDF with Atril (MATE, latest) on my Canon Pixma 6150. It came inverted sucking all of my black ink, thus the background was black and the text white. Do you guys have any idea? I need the printer for my work and don't know what to do right now.

Btw: Found this thread but it's related to Chromium not Atril: Google Chrome printing colors inverted
They solved it by using PDF. Well, that's exactly my problem - PDF won't work.

Update: Just tried to print the PDF from Chromium and later from Firefox. Same.

Thank you

Can reproduce it using your setup and printer. But the interesting point is that it is not always printing inverted.

Printing a PDF with Atril/Chromium/Firefox brings up the same printing dialog with always the same inverted result.

Printing with LibreOffice Draw shows a different printing dialog with a correct result as expected.

Printing a printer's test page also works well.

So the problem seems to be the printing dialog used by apps like Atril and such.


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