Attention Stylish Add-On Users - New Partnership

There has been a development with the "Stylish" extension for Chrome.
You can read the announcement here:

An article here:

Gorhill's [author of uBlock Origin] investigation and comment here:

(Edit - For now, it seems mozilla will not allow the proposed version to be accepted at

TL;DR - New partnership with SimilarWeb means the add-on will start collecting user data.
There will be an option to opt-out in the updated settings panel.

An alternative add-on to consider:


This does not apply to the Firefox add-on. Fret not, due to add-on policies SimilarWeb cannot engage in this kind of behaviour by default.

From Reddit

We will have to see - it is already released for the chrome version. That mozilla addon reviewer said they will not accept it in such a form 'for now'. But it means that the extension could stagnate with no new FF updates and die. It also does not stop them from distributing it from their own website.

Never sell anything you develop, because the buyers will break your heart.

Just Opensource it instead.


Thanks so much for the heads-up on this. I was not (yet) exposed as I'm on Firefox, but as a matter of principle I've shifted everything over to StyleRRR and uninstalled Stylish.

Since I cannot edit the original post any longer I will add here a supposedly decent alternative for chromium:


Tried using Stylus but doesn't work for me, the text is not renedered in either the add-on preferences page or in the toolbar icon popup.

StyleRRR is not better, piece of crap too.

I dont use either ... though I had tested stylrrr before and it worked fine.
I do want to point out that sylus on FF is beta and it seems you are have a stylesheet loaded already, correct?
I wonder if it would render fine if firefox had normal/default appearance..

But for the sake of sake
I only placed these suggestions based on other reviewers and as possible options to replace stylish. I do not use, and therefor cannot fully endorse, any particular replacement.

Nice article in addition to this mess.



Yet no one listens even when the early warnings are sounded. :confounded:





I seem to think it has a "feature" for finding styles for the site you're currently visiting, and that would involve sending the current site/domain to a server (whether in plain text or a hash), so...

Use Stylus instead. BTW Stylish wouldn't work for me when transitioned to the New Firefox.

changed it to other addon, when saw this post here

Late to the party (as ever) please merge :smiley:

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