Audacious 4x GTK version request

The player has been updated - it's great! But now the default interface has become qt. It would be great for xfce users to add the gtk version to the repository (I read that it can be activated)

Can we see that link?
Also, i'm looking at the versions and the last GTK one was at version 3 ... so how exactly would be achieved what you ask? :slight_smile:

Yes of course :slightly_smiling_face:

GTK2 remains available and supported as a build option

Audacious uses the Qt 5 toolkit by default. GTK2 is still supported as a build option, but disabled by default. When running ./configure , use the --enable-qt and --disable-gtk options as desired. Any combination is possible: Qt only, GTK2 only, both, or neither (for a headless music player “daemon”).

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I would also vouch for a possible "manjaro-specific" gtk version as well since I need global hotkeys. As of now I'm using v3.10 on the aur.

pinging @Roman96 for interest...

Personally I see nothing wrong with 4.0.1. It's update installed, defaulted to it's default skin, I changed it back to the WinAmp skin, done deal.

I did the same as Agent Troll. It suits me fine that way. I use Strawberry, anyway.

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In audacious 4, if you choose in view menu not to show menu bar as I do, you no longer get the icon on the icons bar to access the menu options as you did in audacious 3. The only way to get the menu bar back to access your settings and preferences is a keyboard shortcut that you may not have memorized.

redshift: or delete config folder ~/.config/audacious/ -- This is also a solution :wink:

You mean like this? :grin:

	./configure \
		--prefix=/usr \
		--disable-qt \
		--enable-gtk \
		--with-buildstamp='Manjaro Linux'

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I bet you've already got Qt5 libraries installed.


Despite the adaptation of QT applications (kvantum manager), their appearance is not as good as GTK.

It seems to me that if we use xfce, it is reasonable to install applications with GTK.

If most of the applications you need have a QT interface, it might be worth upgrading from xfce to KDE.

p.s. The case with audacious is not so straightforward: we can now build a version with GTK2, but not GTK3 .... xfce may stop supporting GTK2 in the future..

What is This Then audacious-gtk3 3.10.1-1 In the AUR

Venturing a guess:
Audacious 3.1

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A few years ago I did build the GTK3 version for Manjaro - but due to the Audacious developers abandoning GTK3 - it was dropped.

From the AUR page is seems like Audacious is now coded/build for Qt5

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I can see why this might appeal but what you're essentially asking is for Manjaro to maintain a fork of an application.

I can't see how to justify the time and effort required for this, especially as upstream have switched to Qt5 as their primary toolkit and any issues with GTK2 will need us to fix.

Also it's in the AUR so it's already available for anyone who wants it.

Therefore, it would have to be a "no" vote from me.

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I understand all the "no" arguments.

When I created the topic, I did not have time to figure out that there was a problem with gtk3 - and we cannot turn it on when building the application.

Thank you very much for your attention :slightly_smiling_face:

Their is not a problem with GTK3 the package can be built as GTK3.
The problem is nobody is willing or has the time to maintain it GTK2 versions will carry on for a long time to come.
The GTK3 version AUR, builds just fine seems to use the latest packages simple to build a couple of mins its done.

I'm wondering if @Radioactiveman is willing to keep maintaining it on the aur however...

What do you think @oberon? Should us gtk enthusiasts just build it ourselves?

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