Audacious and VLC don't show Japanese characters (Qt problem)

Since version 4.0 of Audaciones Japanese characters are not shown, as you can see in the screenshot they are left blank.


The track name is "未来 麓" and the album name "閃 輝 虫"

At first I thought it was an Audacious bug when they made the switch to Qt, but the same thing happened to me in VLC as well, so I guess it's a Qt bug.

I'm using the latest version of Qt in the repositories and I use Manjaro Xfce.

Sorry for my bad English.

I'm running KDE Neon using the Noto fonts and Japanese displays just fine in VLC. Do you have qt5ct installed? (Qt5 Control) Install and adjust the font.

Sorry for the late reply.

I do have qt5ct installed, although I haven't opened it in a long time because it was buggy, now that I opened it I changed the default font to Droid Sans and the fixed width font to Monospace (the ones I have configured for GTK), but still the CJK characters are not displayed, I also noticed that I have had this error for months, Telegram Desktop (which also uses Qt 5) does not correctly show several characters (including CJKs), I thought it was a Telegram error, but I realize that it's not.

I don't have the Noto CJK installed, but Droid Sans is still capable of displaying some characters (like the names of the Japanese songs I have) when I use music players with GTK.

I have the same problem, with Chinese characters displaying on audicious and VLC.
I have Noto Sans 11 set in qt5ct.

I am on xfce. Any help is appreciated.

Installing noto-fonts-cjk fixed this problem with Audacious for me.

Thanks @dz09 it works, both for VLC and Audacious.

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