Audio on 2010 27" iMac sounds tinny/thin

Hi there, I'm a brand new user of Manjaro and am trying to fix some issues I've been having right from the start. I'm currently using a 2010 27" iMac, and just got a dual boot of macOS and Manjaro running.

Right from the beginning, the audio quality on Manjaro has been much thinner and tinnier than it sounds on macOS. I spent a while trying to find a fix with one of my friends, and after a while came across this.

One thing I noticed right off the bat is that it's my exact issue: the audio sounds thin and tinny. I also noticed that it only has fixes for the iMac 20" and 24" models, the 7,1 model, and the 2011 27" model.

I tried the fixes for the 27" and 20"/24" models, and neither of them worked. I came here to ask if anyone knew the model identifier for the 2010 27" model. I really hope that there is a fix for it, but I can probably deal with it if there is none. Thanks for any help in advance! I may be missing some info, so feel free to ask.

That is iMac11,3
Not sure if that will help with the sound ...

Thanks for the reply! I also tried index=11,3 because it worked with macbooks, and that didn't work either.

If you can't find a model for the kernel module to work, try to adjust the sound through an equalizer. Try PulseEffects.

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