Aur-begine August (2020) Screenshots

Another adventure in Enlightenment window blur

Screenshot from 2020-08-06 09-51-04

GTK: Mint-Y-Dark-Aqua(modified)
Blur comes from modifying the default Flat theme






My wallpaper today is an anime schoolgirl doing some shopping in a convenience store. (Source)

I've made a couple changes to my setup since my last two screenshot posts:

  • Since the Materia KDE theme didn't get updated with the last stable update, some of the new parts of Plasma such as notifications and system tray popups didn't look right with the existing version of the theme, and worse, I could barely see the blue indicators (checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.) in Latte. So I grabbed the latest git version from the AUR and, of course, I modified the theme to make the colors look a bit more consistent with the GTK theme. This time, though, I dropped the matching titlebar colors with the window contents.
  • Window side borders have been removed to match the window decoration styles in the GTK theme as close as possible (see the second image).
    The only thing left to achieve consistency is modifying BreezeEnhanced to match the window buttons and roundness from Materia KWin window decoration theme, which I've been avoiding due to desktop lag issues.
  • The Latte panel (aka taskbar) had its size reduced from 32px to 28px as I've been using up a bit more task icon space recently.
  • Added the volume control plasmoid to the Plasma desktop so I can attempt to reproduce a possible symptom of the missing startup sounds bug in Plasma 5.19
  • Replaced the lower-right hot corner with the Win7 Show Desktop plasmoid as I find KDE's screen edges feature a lot harder to activate than a button

After i broke the previous install of Manjaro on my acer [less used as it lies at home; perhaps the btrfs failed to upgrade fully as on reboot it became irrecoverable]; i went for clean install of manjaro kde.
dolphin+konsole+conky+cantata playing. still a WIP....

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