AUR package in octopi but not pamac

Weird I’m trying to install Brave browser with vaapi patch and it’s in octopi but not pamac.

did you turn on the AUR in pamac ?
have you refreshed octopi ?
[I dont see any brave-vaapi or similar package in AUR either]

It’s marked as brave
Not a binary

Ok .. the package name is only brave .. and you can see brave in octopi, but not pamac ?
can pamac find other AUR packages? Is the AUR enabled ?

Yes it’s enabled and it finds the binaries

Oh. I see, confirmed here - yeah thats a kinda funny thing for pamac to do .. it seems to be hiding the AUR version because there is a repo version of the same name. I dont think that is intentional ...

I think it is, at least I always remember it being like that.

If a package with the same name exists both in repos and in AUR, it will just ignore AUR and only show the repos instead.

If it exists in multiple repos (for example: in extra and in community, which is something that should never happen on official repos and have to be reported if it gets noticed), Pamac will only show the one in the repo with the highest priority (for example: in extra).

99% of the time, the most right choice would simply be what Pamac choose by default anyway.

1% of the time, you have this situation.

Right - as in I think it was a 'safer updates' measure for pamac to prefer repos .. but I dont think the point was ever to obfuscate the AUR.

In any case - I like using yay :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course not. But 99% of the time, there is no reason to favor AUR and build the package on your system if there is already a pre-built package built for Manjaro in Manjaro repos.

But 1% of the time, you have this situation.

Although maybe it could be requested to change the build files in order to have VAAPI enabled by default on Brave like in AUR, if it is technically a good choice. You could try to request such change here: Manjaro-specific packages which need an update.

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does the fact im using trizen on octopi make any difference?

If you are using them to just give octopi AUR capabilities - then no not really.

yay and trizen are cli tools - you use them in the terminal.

But if you arent actually interacting with them, then it doesnt matter.

i meant since i didnt see it on pamac

No, pamac is separate.

Also, sorry, see my edit ^

What I mean is I use yay in the terminal as my preferred AUR helper.
If you arent using the terminal it doesnt matter.
You just need one for octopi to talk to AUR.
PAMAC on the other hand has AUR built in.

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