AUR packages breakage report in the Updates Announcements


I see this practice over and over again, regardless the branch, people reporting AUR package breakage in updates announcements. For me this is a mess, even tho the reason behind why people might want to inform others for such issues can be a positive/informative one, or constructive, the presence of those comments are pointless and kind of off topic, or topic hijacking.
A couple of times people got offended by others that tried to explain why this should not be done. The latest example here:
Down bellow a couple of members had put their time into explaining again why AUR packages should not be mentioned in the update topics, and once again an endless explanation followed with condescendence ... Can we make it more clear that any such reports of AUR package breakage should go to #technical-issues-and-assistance:aur ? Maybe reinforce and inform members of the forum to open such topics if they fee like, and keep things clearly separate?


Personally, i don't mind someone commenting that an AUR package has broken following an update, as long as :

  • the package itself wasn't updated (since AUR updates can happen anytime outside Manjaro updates, and aren't Manjaro's responsibility)
  • point is taken that fixing it is not a priority in this thread (ditto)

We shall keep in mind that AUR packages come with their own (maintenance) risks, but knowing that a dependency update will break compatibility is still informative.


I think that this isn't particular to AUR packages. As rule of thumbs you should always report issues as upstream as possible, so any fix is as broad as possible.

Personally, I don't mind it, as I mainly focus on "known issues" post, but I agree that it is irrelevant clutter in the Update Announcement thread.

What annoys me slightly more (but not so much to be bothered by it) is people commenting: "Everything went okay, thanks for the update!"


I can easily skip/ignore comments when reading trough the announcement. The "mess" i mentioned was more to what comes after one such comment/report is done. Leaving things as they are is also fine for me, if moderators intervene or not to clean it up and create a new topic is also fine, but the tensions that rise in such cases will escalate at one point.

It seems to me this is more of a problem with one particular user (and maybe a few others like him), as demonstrated in your example above.

EDIT: and if there was any doubt about it, just scroll down a bit :rofl:

Most likely over-moderation is as bad.

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Well, i'm not going to judge someones intentions to be negative because of that. Probably they have the best intentions, but if this will be discouraged by default, then we would know for sure. :slight_smile:

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I agree, I'm typically extremely laissez-faire.

But I am not incapable of noticing patterns.

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Over moderating and WHINNING over a post that is doing others a favor is wrong and that's exactly what they're doing. This makes them the trolls,

You mean you see thing that are there.

You know, we already knew this is just whining to begin with :rofl: :cocktail:

You actually are feeding yourself with both hands while with the mouth full. Did you actually read what i said and why?

Simply flag the post, don't answer too much. The report will get moved to #technical-issues-and-assistance:aur and the user will some day understand why.

Close and remove this thread now. The second it was opened it should of been removed and @bogdancovaciu warned. Thanks

What the fud are we even talking here? :joy: :football:

@Agentx got silenced for a week now. No need for further comments. His posts get moved to an appropriate topic.

Edit: I won't read his PMs, instead I archivate them.


Say what? You need an army of 1000 like you for that.

I suspect AgentTroll is a troll...

But we can still be friends.

I think one reply that tells that it's an AUR package to such a report in the updates topic and a flag is enough. Then the moderator will move the report, this will leave a link in the updates topic and other users will see that an AUR package needs a rebuild. They might derive that other AUR packages need a rebuild, too.


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