Auto login failed on encrypted Btrfs (BIOS install) vmware

I would test Btrfs with encryption (LUKS) before I do this on my new Host.

I have doing this with calamares Installer created sda1 at / with Btrfs and password for LUKS set boot flag. And installed the system all fine.

Rebooted the VM typed in the LUKS password. And then Lightdm comes up but do no auto login. I typed in the User password nothing happened.

tty2 works...

The LUKS and user password was the same

What I’m doing wrong here?

You could just setup autologin manually if the installer did not do it automatically?

Edit: I misread, there seems to be also some kind of login issue with lightdm. You could maybe remove and reinstall lightdm and then enable autologin?

Also have tried this on KDE same issue

Systemctl status lightdm?

Auto Partitoning get it to work, now I can create btrfs filesystem on this or do I need to do this with Manjaro Architecture Installer?

Get it to work with the Architect ISO :laughing:image

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