Auto login with more than one DE

I was wondering if there was a way to have autologin with more than one desktop environment installed. I currently have GNOME 3.20 and Xfce installed. It also gives me options for GNOME classic and a couple other Xfce DEs. I do have autologin enabled but am still forced to choose a DE and input my password. Is there any way around this?

Thanks in advance for any help, it's always appreciated!

How did you enable the autologin? By editing xinitrc or by using the feature of display manager?
If you are using xinitrc way just like this, then you need to disable your display manager too in order to make it override.
To disable: sudo systemctl disable DisplayManager
Goodluck :slight_smile:

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I have it enabled the lazy man's way by going into settings and then users, then enabling autologin. I haven't played around much with display manager or xinitrc. Yet again instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour I'm playing around with modifications on my system and helping others with theirs, haha, I will take a look at that autostart_X_at_login link after work tomorrow. Thanks for the assist!

That should work though. What display manager are you using? I used to try it with LightDM and it works. Are you sure you got the right settings for the right DM? Because sometimes you are setting it for LightDM but you enabled GDM instead (just for example). :smile:

I just now got around to checking the forums this weekend, especially with getting a 502 when trying to access them. I will look into the DM settings tonight and let you know what I find out

I am currently using LightDM

I had to do a little editing by typing

sudo gedit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

and then un-commenting a few lines to make it look as follows:

[Seat:*] #type=xlocal pam-service=lightdm pam-autologin-service=lightdm-autologin #pam-greeter-service=lightdm-greeter #xserver-command=X #xmir-command=Xmir #xserver-layout= #xserver-config= #xserver-allow-tcp=false #xserver-share=true #xserver-hostname= #xserver-display-number= #xdmcp-manager= #xdmcp-port=177 #xdmcp-key= #unity-compositor-command=unity-system-compositor #unity-compositor-timeout=60 #greeter-session=example-gtk-gnome #greeter-hide-users=false #greeter-allow-guest=true #greeter-show-manual-login=false #greeter-show-remote-login=true user-session=xfce #allow-user-switching=true #allow-guest=true #guest-session= session-wrapper=/etc/lightdm/Xsession #greeter-wrapper= #guest-wrapper= #display-setup-script= #display-stopped-script= #greeter-setup-script= #session-setup-script= #session-cleanup-script= #autologin-guest=false autologin-user=lerner autologin-user-timeout=0 #autologin-in-background=false #autologin-session= #exit-on-failure=false

From there I did the following two commands, rebooted, and it worked!

groupadd -r autologin
sudo gpasswd -a lerner autologin

Edit: strange that it says user-session is xfce when it autologged into GNOME, but it does get me into GNOME

Maybe because you don't have xfce installed in your system?

I am currently dual booting Ubuntu 16.04LTS and Manjaro Kvantum LXQT. Ubuntu was installed first. I see the grub entries when booting and have not touched them. Usually the computer always automatically booted to the 1st mentioned system in the grub menu but strangely it is now the last one used. It can be manually changed and grub could be edited, I guess.

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