Auto num lock xfce

Ok, I'll modify mine now exactly to yours, reboot, and see if it works for me...

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Have you made sure numlock is on before rebooting? Have to ask. :grimacing:

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Looks like the change worked for me :tada: ...and no accessibility notifications have come up yet either.:slightly_frowning_face: Curious why this property was omitted in the new iso...


yeah i'm sure

A lot of people use laptops and not all laptops comes with a numeric keypad.

Presetting such a property in either way would cause a lot of debate.

It is a minor thing - I know - but it needs to be done by the user not maintainer.

In Openbox - which I maintain on a desktop computer - I have a commented line in the openbox/autostart file

### enable numlock
### uncomment next line
# sleep 0.5; numlockx &

The numlockxpackage is installed but the user needs to change the line to it activated on login.

To check that all is as it should be run this>

xfconf-query -c keyboards -lv

It should come back with both of these>
/Default/Numlock true
/Default/RestoreNumlock true

If it is it should be working. :thinking:

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it's correct ,
numlock notifier turns on on keyboard but didn't work and need press num lock button .

what have to do exactly?!

The command

~ >>> numlockx --help
NumLockX 1.2
(C) 2000-2001 Lubos Lunak <>
(C) 2001      Oswald Buddenhagen <>

Usage : numlockx [on|off]
on     - turns NumLock on in X ( default )
off    - turns NumLock off in X
toggle - toggles the NumLock on and off in X

As on is default this command will activate your numeric keypad


The on argument is optional but will do the same

numlockx on

So in Openbox autostart file you remove the # so the line looks like this

sleep 0.5; numlockx &
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But this was standard pre-v18? I could understand the property being disabled but to completely omit it in xfconf (and not providing a gui switch for it)...was that an xfce decision do you know?

I am quite sure the maintainer has not deliberately changed anything in that regard.

Edit: 2019-01-28T07:21:00Z

I have checked the xfce4-settings package and neither the old or the new -gtk3 package contains the file keyboard-layout.xml.

If you open Settings β†’ Keyboard - you will at the top of the first tab see a checkbox for the NumLock state.


Toggling this will create a keyboards.xml file with the chosen state.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<channel name="keyboards" version="1.0">
  <property name="Default" type="empty">
    <property name="RestoreNumlock" type="bool" value="true"/>

Again this was exactly my configuration when numlock didn't auto-activate on boot. Maybe it came down to someone simply forgetting an autostart symlink to numlockx in v18, who knows?

:+1: like mine keyboards.xml in post #8 :slight_smile:

This setting does not use numlockx - it its a xfce setting and xfsettingsd should handle it.

Nothing helped but this:
Install numlockx in your packet manager.
edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and add following in [Seat:*] section

greeter-setup-script=/usr/bin/numlockx on  

Could that command issued 3 times on every boot be the source of nonsensical accessibility notifications I've still unfortunately been getting? @Potato

It may be, i don't know, but you could disable the notifications for that specific thing in the notifications dialog, the numlock thing, it could be why it doesn't work.

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I had the same issue with numlock and have the same setup on my keyboards.xml file. Tried everything else already suggested.

In the end I changed name=RestoreNumlock to Numlock

<property name="Numlock" type "bool" value="true"/>

Rebooted, and the numlock now stays on.

Question: Should I add the property name RestoreNumlock as an extra line?


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Why if you can do without?

RestoreNumlock is a gui switch as seen in post #25 so it'll likely get created again if you toggle it one way or another. Still the unanswered question for me was why Numlock itself was completely missing considering it's not a gui switch?

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