Auto num lock xfce

it's correct ,
numlock notifier turns on on keyboard but didn't work and need press num lock button .

what have to do exactly?!

The command

~ >>> numlockx --help
NumLockX 1.2
(C) 2000-2001 Lubos Lunak <>
(C) 2001      Oswald Buddenhagen <>

Usage : numlockx [on|off]
on     - turns NumLock on in X ( default )
off    - turns NumLock off in X
toggle - toggles the NumLock on and off in X

As on is default this command will activate your numeric keypad


The on argument is optional but will do the same

numlockx on

So in Openbox autostart file you remove the # so the line looks like this

sleep 0.5; numlockx &
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But this was standard pre-v18? I could understand the property being disabled but to completely omit it in xfconf (and not providing a gui switch for it)...was that an xfce decision do you know?

I am quite sure the maintainer has not deliberately changed anything in that regard.

Edit: 2019-01-28T07:21:00Z

I have checked the xfce4-settings package and neither the old or the new -gtk3 package contains the file keyboard-layout.xml.

If you open Settings β†’ Keyboard - you will at the top of the first tab see a checkbox for the NumLock state.


Toggling this will create a keyboards.xml file with the chosen state.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<channel name="keyboards" version="1.0">
  <property name="Default" type="empty">
    <property name="RestoreNumlock" type="bool" value="true"/>

Again this was exactly my configuration when numlock didn't auto-activate on boot. Maybe it came down to someone simply forgetting an autostart symlink to numlockx in v18, who knows?

:+1: like mine keyboards.xml in post #8 :slight_smile:

This setting does not use numlockx - it its a xfce setting and xfsettingsd should handle it.

Nothing helped but this:
Install numlockx in your packet manager.
edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and add following in [Seat:*] section

greeter-setup-script=/usr/bin/numlockx on  

Could that command issued 3 times on every boot be the source of nonsensical accessibility notifications I've still unfortunately been getting? @Potato

It may be, i don't know, but you could disable the notifications for that specific thing in the notifications dialog, the numlock thing, it could be why it doesn't work.

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I had the same issue with numlock and have the same setup on my keyboards.xml file. Tried everything else already suggested.

In the end I changed name=RestoreNumlock to Numlock

<property name="Numlock" type "bool" value="true"/>

Rebooted, and the numlock now stays on.

Question: Should I add the property name RestoreNumlock as an extra line?


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Why if you can do without?

RestoreNumlock is a gui switch as seen in post #25 so it'll likely get created again if you toggle it one way or another. Still the unanswered question for me was why Numlock itself was completely missing considering it's not a gui switch?

If this is an issue - considered it is a preference thing - then I am sure it is an upstream issue, and by upstream I mean xfce.

I seems totally wrong to me if such preference is set either way on distribution level, wheter it is Arch or Manjaro.

So my recommendation will be to search xfce to find the answer to it.

I have checked with a very basic default xfce install using Architect and installing a vanilla Xfce.

This default installation no xfce skeleton files for new users.

Upon first login a few files is generated but nothing related to numlock.

It might be possible that previous Xfce releases might have contained some settings related to numlock - though I think, if that is the case - it is unintentional.

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