Auto-resizing not working virtualbox

I've tried everything to get resizing to work on virtualbox with the 5.6 kernel. I have followed this guide to no success I have made sure that I used VBSVGA display driver. I've tried setting the display driver before install. I've tried installing a bunch of guest packages. Nothing works. Is autoresizing not working on the 5.6 kernel?

I've noticed the same in KDE Edition.
If I use VBoxSVGA, hit right CTRL+F to go fullscreen once booted to DE then hit CTRL+F again to go back to windowed mode it auto resizes just fine.

I never had any luck getting VMSVGA to properly auto-resize although that's what VBox recommends using.

I tried this fix and it didn't work for me :frowning:

Does anyone know of a fix? Will downgrading my kernel fix this?

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