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As of this moment I have had to re-flash my Pinebook Pro 4 times. This will shortly become 5. Each time I've had to do this, it's for the same reason... updates to uboot. Is there any way the dd commands can be automated following an update to uboot? Today, I copied and pasted the second dd command, but accidentally included a new line. This created a file called /dev/mmcblkX. I removed this file, ran the correct second dd command and rebooted. Alas, I now have the red power light of death when trying to turn on the Pinebook Pro.

I can't be the only person who occasionally messes up this. It would be good if the process could be placed outside the realms of user error. Especially on the Pinebook Pro, where the keyboard and trackpad aren't exactly the most accurate.

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Reflashing uboot is usually not required. Newer uboots may contain improvements like nvme boot or other fancy stuff. But if your device works fine, it should not need to be reflashed.

The text from the installation, is just an indication that a new uboot is available to be flashed.

We don't want to autoflash something to peoples devices, since people might have made changes to it or they rather like using another uboot (BSP vs. Mainline). Flashing uboot should and will always be a user action on Manjaro.

Is there anyway to undo the damage I've done, or is an MMC reflash needed?

Depends on what the damage actually is...

I would suggest you try editing the extlinux.conf file as mentioned in this post:

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Ah... that fixed it. Thank you.

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