Automatically closing threads

You should have noticed that threads will automatically close after (what should be) three months after the last reply. To me, this makes sense as old issues with e.g. the 16.06 installer aren't going be all that relevant now.

Some categories, like #general-discussion, don't automatically close as discussions there are less likely to be time-limited etc.

What do you think? Does this behaviour make sense? Are there any categories that don't behave as you'd expect? Is the length of time before closing OK, too long, too short?

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3 months seems mostly fine. Could there be a shorter timer for solved threads? Like 1 month after the last reply. I would imagine that solved issues don't need updates much after having been solved.


Agree, solved threads should close a bit earlier, as for other defaults it depends on forum usage you are trying to promote.

Arch forum is highly focussed and very militant in enforcing thread hijacking & microbumping, Manjaro community is a lot more friendly and laid back, so I would image this more relaxed attitude would lead to longer thread livespans.

Having said all that the current defaults seem to be working well, although there has been the odd instance where I was unable to post to an older unsolved issue thread due to it being auto-closed.


I would agree that how it currently is - it is fine enough. I mean you guys are manually interventioning anyhow if someone necros at 2 montsh and 29 days in XD

On some other forums I am familiar with (e.g., Mx16 Linux) the threads whilst they drop off from the main pages, they remain on the system. The recommended protocol is that should the thread reach a resolution the OP is meant to mark the original post as [SOLVED]. The thread's contents remain searchable for similar requests for the next person with the particular query.

Same here, that is what the tick icon is for a particular post, next to the reply link.

What was that quote?
If it works, don't fix it or something like that.
I'm content with the situation.

If it works, fiddle around with it until you need to fix it. This a good path for learning new things linux. Probably not as great for maintaining something for the community...


Thanks all,
Again, as a forum newbie I'm sure it is usual for one to need help to discover some things at least and the tick item illuded me until I saw it just now in another thread. It seems (and that would be correct IMO) that the OP is the only one who can mark a thread as resolved with a tick.

Well, for me this doesn't belong in General Discussion. Rather would fit in Technical Issues and Assistance, but because is not actually an issue, it should be in another category (maybe Newbie)

This fits perfectly in a General Discussion. There would be countless people to ditch Windows, so is a general behavior or will become general in the near future. It should remain open as long is possible, or as long people still sharing their story migrating to Manjaro.

I'm not saying this to justify my previous intervention by moving a post from General Discussion to Newbie Corner. I'm just a guest here, not a host, so i should act as a guest. My bad!
Probably "Newbie" is a term that for some people is some sort of misnomer, they have a long experience in linux or unix in general, but they just came to Manajro, are new to the forum ... etc.; they find themselves with a particular issue, not exactly technical because they have the skills to solve some stuff, so where do they post? Others that have almost zero experience with linux, want to start using it but they encounter some "inconveniences" (i'll call them that for the lack of better term) so they go to General, other to Newbie, others to Technical issues - this renders the forum a bit inconsistent (IMHO).

I would love to understand the reasoning for any auto close mechanism.

I only stumbled upon this in multiple bad instances where there was a wrong/outdated advice and it popped up in my search results for the problem (not necessarily on here, but this "way of doing things" seems to spread like wildfire)
I spend unnecessary time and even had problems following the advice. When I then wanted to correct the statement. Boom. "OHHH that's why it is not yet corrected...."

I really feel auto closing is the wrong approach for whatever problem was to be addressed with it. But as stated in the beginning, would love to hear those reasons in the first place.

The reasoning was given in the first post.

If you want to correct a thread then Flag it for attention.


This? Not really satisfying one for me TBH.

To solve this I would rather add a warning tag, that it is an old discussion and details in it might be outdated.

What I want to understand is, what harm is done, if someone answers to an old thread. Especially if it is closed after 3 month already. Just curious.

Virtually every old post has information that is outdated and potentially bad. Not only would bumping those topics to try to enrich them with current info be a massive effort, it would be counter-productive.

Those posts are mostly buried in history so adding to them would bump them back to the top. Since most people don't read to the bottom of a long topic, you would just be making the bad information more prevalent.

Lastly, there are areas where we don't auto-close topics and nearly every-time they are bumped it requires moderation because someone bumps it with an issue/solution they feel is related but actually isn't related.

If someone needs a topic re-opened, all they need to do is flag it.


Thanks! These are some valid arguments I can follow.

Personally I would still opt differently, as I think engagement here is more important and my guess is, it more often prevents solutions than preventing troubles. But this is just a mere guess and I have no data to back this up, nor the experience with such a big community. So I understand.

I never knew you could flag a closed topic for this purpose BTW. I just gave up on it in the past, when I hit this wall.

I bet this is not feasible with this software, but I personally would love to at least see a banner at the top of such a thread. Stating a message in yellow or red in the spirit of this:

"This topic was automatically closed due to inactivity. Information in it is old and potentially outdated. If you still feel the need to contribute, for example correcting a misinformation, please use the flagging mechanism."

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