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Hi there, great distro indeed, with RT kernel I get the best sound , nevertheless, I cant understand where is the file configuration for the menu of Awesome desktop. I understand is based on Lua, and I looked into the autosart and so forth, and also used several config apps to try to configure the menu to no avail. In mutipmedia I have too many entries, and all I want is to delete some... with Alacarte and other menu editors I can't get rid of them, although they don't show up in menu editor anymore... Any suggestions please? I do like the Awesome desktop and to install it from scratch is a pita... I know I am missing something in front of my eyes :slight_smile: TIA

Did you edit this?

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I tried to, but the entries of the music plugins are not there, for example..All the ghost entries I want to get rid of are under Multimedia, which I see is the same as Audio and Video in some wares, bu I could not find that either , so I am confused... I even created another user, but the ghost entries show there too.. I wished I could find where this info is stored...

The rc.lua in Manjaro Awesome makes use of a tool from the package awesome-freedesktop. This tool automatically generates menu entries per the freedesktop menu specification.

You can edit the freedesktop menu items with the application menulibre, which is already installed. After editing, you need to restart Awesome to see the changes. You can do this with menu -> Awesome -> Restart.

Of course, you can also remove the applications from your system, and a restart will again remove the items from the menu.


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