Awesome: How to make one application without trancparency?

Hi there,

I've been playing around with awesome for quite a time now, and now started to theme it. - Put usless-gaps in it and made the windows transparent.

Some of you already now that I'm using my Manjaro also for work in home-office. There I use teamviewer. I have a dual monitor (as I have in work) and now my question:
Is it possible to make one application non transparent (in this case teamviewer)?
Otherwise I'd have to switch transparency always off when using my PC for work.


If awesome is using Picom you can edit picom.conf to exclude certain applications from opacity rules.

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No I think I don't use picom. At least the picom-config-file is not in my home-directory.
I found some lua-code and inserted it in my rc.lua:

client.connect_signal("focus", function(c)
                              c.border_color = beautiful.border_focus
                              c.opacity = 1
client.connect_signal("unfocus", function(c)
                                c.border_color = beautiful.border_normal
                                c.opacity = 0.7

Maybe I could reprogramme it?
Something like

if program = teamviewer then
opacity = 1
-- Code from above.

My problem is I can't programme in lua.

I think I gotcha.
copied my picom.conf into my home directory and found the line you talked about
wrote teamviewer in it, but it didn't work.

I think I need your help or a point to the right direction.

Pastebin of picom.conf

Figured out how to use picom.
Since I have used the Manjaro 18.1.2 to install awesome, I had still compton, which has been replaced by picom in the meantime.
Configured my to picom using the arch wiki and found the exceptions in the picom.conf.
Now everything gets transparent when inactive, except teamviewer which is what I want. :slight_smile:

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