awesome rc.lua ignored

Hi there!

I just installed manjaro with awesome window manager and I'm trying to tweak a little bit more its default behavior. Concretely I'm willing to change the default terminal emulator to tilix, reading my .config/awesome/rc.lua I can see:

terminal = os.getenv("TERMINAL") or "lxterminal"  

So I added

export TERMINAL="/usr/bin/tilix"

to my .zshrc, also modified rc.lua to:

terminal = os.getenv("TERMINAL") or "tilix"  

with no luck, can anyone point me to the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

Try adding

export TERMINAL=/usr/bin/tilix

in ~/.profile replacing the entry that is referring to lxterminal and logout/login (or reboot).

I just tried it and it worked.


That did the trick!

Really appreciated!

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