Awesome: Start programmes with keybindings

Installed Manjaro awesome (full) (a third time, since I messed it up each time trying to learn to cofigure the config-files :D).
And I must say, I love it. - the standard keybindings are very intuitive and I got into them rather quickly,having never used a WM before.
I think I'm gonna stick with it for a while and learn.

I have a question too:
How this it exactely work to assing a keybinding to start a programme?
I tried analog to browser:

    awful.key({ modkey     }, "b", function () awful.spawn(browser)          end,
              {description = "launch Browser", group = "launcher"}),

    awful.key({ modkey     }, "b", function () awful.spawn(audacious)          end,
              {description = "launch Audacious", group = "launcher"}),

But it doesn't work. I assume there must be an general term like browser. music-player i.e.?

Can someone help me out?


I would assume this is a variable and it is set somewhere else in the configuration file.

If so, you might try using a string containing the path rather than an unset variable.

It is a variable.
Thank you, worked like a charm.

-- This is used later as the default terminal and editor to run.
browser = "exo-open --launch WebBrowser" or "firefox"
filemanager = "exo-open --launch FileManager" or "pcmanfm-qt"
gui_editor = "leafpad"
terminal = os.getenv("TERMINAL") or "lxterminal"
audacious = "audacious"

in rc.lua.

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