Awesome WM on top of KDE

I'm new to Manjaro. Downloaded the awesome addition and it was great but I was wondering if I could do the same thing with a KDE base.

I was able to download the necessary KDE packages without having the plasma dependencies.

I have kde-agent-manager for polkit . The issue I'm having is polkit isn't starting. I followed the same script in the Manjaro rc.lua and but it doesn't seem to initiate . Also wanted to use the kio-gdrive for dolphin but that doesn't seem to be working either I'm guessing it has something to do with polkit issue.

So, do I have to download the entire KDE/plasma packages for this to work properly. I just wanted dolphine (for gdrive capabilities and I like QT apps.

Any help advice on how to accomplish this with minimal KDE/plasma dependencies would be, well awesome :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!

What exactly do you want to achieve? Please explain this more clearly.
If you want a QT-based install IMO lxqt would be a better fit with a window manager session. If you want to use a lot of KDE I think it is easier to replace kwin in a KDE install with awesome

Which packages?

Polkit is managed by polkit-kde-agent in KDE, I did not find a package named kde-agent-manager

Can you please explain what you changed in these? in rc.lua you should not need to change anything but the variables for terminal and filemanager (if you uninstall lxterimnal and thunar). You have to change to start the KDE daemons and applications (e.g. polkit-kde-agent instead of mate-polkit)

Unfortunately, I do not know enough about KDE to give a clear answer to this question. To me KDE application seem to be tightly interwoven with the DE, hence my suggestion to replace kwin with awesome.

I recommend to first experiment in a VM (with either a KDE-install or an awesome-edition depending on how you want to approach the setup) before you go to bare-metal and make changes on your production system.


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