Back incorrectly returns to earlier page (details in post)

After going from the main page to a Category and then sorting that page by replies, view, or activity and then going to a thread from that view, clicking back on the browser does not return to the sorted category page but instead returns me all the way to the main page. Previously the behaviour had been to return to the sorted category page.

Since today I have this behaviour. Only checked with Firefox but it was not doing this yesterday with the same browser+version, and my system has not been updated in the meantime.

(I use this sequence always when browsing the updates sections since - for me :wink: - it is more important to see newer posts than newer topics.)

Maybe Discourse changed something with the forum? Any chance to change it back? Or perhaps others do not see this...

behaving normally here using vivaldi

Hmm, I just checked with Midori and I have the problem with that browser as well. :man_shrugging:

It is interesting that you don't get the problem.

i just tried again.

from this thread > newbie corner category > sort for solved > open a thread > hit back and it brought me straight back here instead of the newbie corner/solved.

i guess i do have the same behavior.

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Thanks, I've updated the title accordingly. :smiley:

Chromium 75.0.3770.100...same behavior.

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It looks like a cookies related issue.
Maybe recheck cookies settings or any relevant addons?

Midori was freshly installed and without addons so I think that rules that out.

Where would I check cookies settings, and what do you suggest I should be looking for? I'm not inclined to lose my entire forum browsing history...

Btw, are you not seeing the behaviour?

dont bother, just deletes all my cookies and behavior remains with vivaldi

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I'm just peaking on forum issues from Android (small vacation) :desert_island:
IIRC check privacy settings about cookies and web data saved.
Could that be a system issue? I don't really know.

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